Hii there, I'm Angelique ^_^ I'm 7teenyearsofageeee. Im emotionally taken and spoken for by my career. I reside in LAAAAA. Uh...I'm a model but I also songwrite & sing. My bestfriend is @anorexicsouls! Pure souls capture pure hearts, so lets bring on the positive auras <3 Im down for making new friends. :D...preeeetty much it!
no-equal said: her goddessness is back lol where you been beautiful? its been longer than a minute damn!!

hahaahah! ive been on the move. here and there =)

kyhuk said: My gf loves your blog! lol

aww! thats awesome!

Anonymous said: Where can we hear your music?

I dont have any posted yet dear. but soon i promise =)

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yesss andd yassssssssss.

yesss andd yassssssssss.

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Today is the day all the waters of the world poured from her eyes. 

Happy Monday

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